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 Franklin Square is a National Historic District adorned with nineteenth-century rowhomes including the most sophisticated homes framing Franklin Square Park such as Waverly Terrace (Carey Steet), Canby Place (Lexington Street), and Linden Place not facing the park on (the west side of Carey Street) between Baltimore and Fayette Streets.  In 1839, James and Samuel Canby offered two-and-a-half acres of land to the city with the promise that they would maintain the land as a public park forever.  Franklin Square Park is one of the oldest parks in the city and includes many architecturally significant structures and groupings.  Bound by Monroe Street to the west, Carey St to the east, and Mulberry and Baltimore Streets north and south respectively; the entire area represents a distinguishable entity featuring both, grand examples of rowhouse architecture as well as less ornate variations of the traditional Baltimore housing type for lower, middle, and working-class populations. 


Today Franklin Square is home to two schools, several churches, local businesses, and recreation centers.  A considerable amount of historic buildings remain and efforts continue to maintain their existence. A few notable establishments were the Franklin Square Hospital Established in 1898; incorporated in 1901 is now the site of Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy located on the Northwest corner of Calhoun and Fayette Streets. The Aged Women’s and Aged Men’s Homes were built in 1849 and 1864 and were combined to create Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School located on Stricker and Lexington Streets.  Franklin Square Public School # 100 was built in 1904 and currently is the Franklin Square School Apartments for seniors located at Mount and Saratoga Streets. Franklin Square Park or "The Square", as it is affectionately known, is the primary location for festivals, concerts, community events, and enjoyment by everyone. 


Franklin Square is centrally located and minutes from downtown Baltimore City and County by many CityLink Bus Routes and easily accessible for connecting with rideshares.  


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